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Lindsay I. Putman

Department of Biological Sciences
Michigan Technological University, MI

Welcome! I'm Lindsay Putman a geomicrobiologist who is committed to research, teaching, and mentoring in the sciences. This website is a reflection of my teaching, scholarship, and professional development experiences. Throughout these experiences I have learned about who I am as a teacher and scholar, and about the teacher and researcher I plan to be in the future.



I study microbial ecology in natural and engineered environments. I aim to understand how changes in the physical/chemical environment alter microbial community composition and function. I am particularly interested in thinking about how we can harness the unique capabilities of these dynamic communities to aid in the clean-up and maintenance of our natural environment and help us maintain sustainable and renewable sources of energy and materials.


Teaching has been an important part of time in academia. Teaching opportunities have shown me how much I enjoy working with students, and continued education and workshops  focused on teaching in the university setting have further prepared me to be an effective instructor. These experiences have helped me better understand how people learn, and has given me a passion for teaching at the interface between the earth and life sciences. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
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